Monday, May 19, 2008

Skylight Confessions - by Alice Hoffman

Book Club Meeting - Sunday, June 29th at Lori R.

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A stunning new novel about three generations of a family haunted by love from the bestselling author of Practical Magic and Here onEarth. Arlyn Singer believes in destiny and in love.But fate seems to be playing a trick on the night when John Moody knocks onher door to ask for directions. Opposites who cannot understand each other,they are drawn to one another even when it's clear they're bound to bringeach other grief. Their marriage is dangerous territory, tracing a map noone should follow. It leads them and their children to the Connecticut countryside, the avenues in Manhattan, the blue waters of the Long IslandSound, all in a search for family and identity.There is Sam, the brilliant explosive artist who is drawn toself-destruction and dreams. Blanca, the beautiful loner who triesdesperately to protect her brother from his destiny and lives her own lifein a world of books. And Will, the grandson, who is left a legacy of brokenpieces he needs to put together, an emotional and mysterious puzzle made upof people who don't know the first thing about love.Here is a family so real, so tragic, so devoted it is as if they havewritten their own riveting history--a quest for love and truth. Glassbreaks, love hurts, and families make their own rules. SKYLIGHT CONFESSIONS is a luminous and elegant work of true originality. No one who reads thisnovel will ever forget it or look at their own family in quite the sameway

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