Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kiss the Girls by James Patterson

Our book selection for the month of June is .....  Kiss the Girls by James Patterson Here is a quick review of the book from Amazon. Casanova is a collector of something rare and beautiful....women. When he sees one he thinks is both beautiful and rare, he takes them and keeps them in his personal collection. The problem comes when he takes a family member of Alex Cross, a dectieve. Alex is soon on the case to get back the one he loves. There are also murders across the coast on the opposite side of the states. Could there be two serial killers wanting to out do each other? Or are they working together? If so, how can Alex Cross stop them both? I suggest that you read the book if you want to find out. Alex Cross is an interesting character. I liked how he had an instant bond with Kate. It seems that Kate and Alex we're almost a mirror image of each other. When it comes to fiction, it's important to have "good" good guys, but I feel it's more important to have better bad guys. Patterson accomplishes this. Cassanova and The Gentleman are *incredible* some of the things that Casanova does is out right creepy. The style that Patterson writes in take a little getting used to. It's in both first and third person. When you get used to that, it's a sinch to read.   The chapters are quick and short.

Next Book Club is - June 26th @Fran Cooley's.
Other Recommendations this week
Julie recommends Cutting for Stone by  Abraham Verghese

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